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The management of Gulf Resources Precious Metals Trading apart from their academic background has a long and thorough exposure to the financial, commodities and equity markets, both in the local, as well as the international markets with the help of business management skills which are imbibed with the business ethics combined with the idea of doing business for the right reasons, has taken the firm to greater heights than was initially planned. The management has thorough knowledge and experience in the field of manufacturing and trading activity of bullion/Gold jewelry/precious metals as well as dealings in commodity markets. They have enriched the knowledge from their ancestors as they belong to the business-oriented families. The management has also conducted a detailed research on the viability of the project, assessed the finance required and through this detailed analysis have approved the viability and sustainability of the projects that the firm has been involved with.


The Company will be conducting deals with companies in the United Arab Emirates


Gulf Resources Precious Metals Trading has following strength:

  • The company is trading in diamonds, precious stones precious jewelry and precious metals, which has a huge demand in the market.
  • The company is trading in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals which are required globally.
  • The promoter is well experienced and having wide contacts internationally.
  • The promoter has direct contact with big traders for precious metals and base metals.
  • Backing and support of group and associates companies.
  • Maintain consistently high standards of corporate governance: The Company is committed to pursuing growth by adhering to the high level of standards of Corporate Governance.